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Rockerbox Preview: 2013


If you haven’t made it to Milwaukee for Rockerbox, it’s here! This Saturday, August 3rd is the 10th anniversary of one of the coolest, most unique motorcycle gatherings in the country. See our photo feature from 2010 and our photo feature from 2012 to see why we dig this event to the utmost. Here are more reasons to go…


This custom Triumph could be yours. Yep, these guys know how to tempt a motorcyclist. Last year’s crazy raffle bike was impressive, and they’re not slacking off this year. In addition to the event’s 10-year milestone, its host, Fuel Cafe, is celebrating 20 years in biz.

You could spend an hour looking at the framed moto pics in the Fuel Cafe.

Our 2012 video gives you an idea of what the event is like and how genuine the organizers are:

Visit the Rockerbox event site for more details and a cool video on their home page. To sum the event’s vibe, we’ll end with their words:

“Milwaukee’s Rockerbox was forged a decade ago for one simple reason: to come together and marvel in all things motorcycle. We may be the home of the HOG, but this one-day festival is open to all.”

Rock on. We can get behind that.

The Crowd at Rockerbox 2012

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