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Lane Motor Museum – Nashville TN

Passing through Nashville? Take the family to Lane Motor Museum. It’ll be the funkiest collection of vehicles they’ve ever seen – one that’s sure to spur smiles and wonder. We’ve only shared a sampling of the showpieces here, so be sure to block out a chunk of time to drop in on this midwestern automotive treasure.

The folks behind the museum have a goal of keeping all their vehicles in running condition. About the collection, they say, “visitors are introduced to a broad variety of vehicles from Europe, Asia, and North and South America. Engineering, politics, geography, and economics are a few of the factors which have shaped vehicles throughout history.”

It feels like walking through a garage rather than a highfalutin gallery.

One of the highlights of the visit was seeing Dan Auerbach’s collection of vintage motorcycles, specifically the custom Harley-Davidsons (one pictured below). They may be a temporary installment, so call ahead to see if they’re still there.

A 1941 EL vintage Harley-Davidson owned by Black Keys rocker, Dan Auerbach.

While you’ll find a lot of bicycles and motorcycles at the Lane Motor Museum, there are many more autos here. That’s not a complaint. The vehicles are so unique, they’re all fun to look at.

Above: One of only two known models in existence, this 1959 Weidner Condor has a fiberglass body and a 2-stroke 667cc engine. It could reach 80mph!

With a tagline of “Every moment is a pleasure,” the Corphibian promised a lot. The ad literature explained, “With Corphibian, you eliminate the weary risk of pulling a boat and trailer through traffic.” I’m sold. With 10-inch twin propellers, dual marine controls, and a fiberglass hull, this is a unique ‘off-road’ truck.

High water on the roadways? Amphicar don’t care.
Remember when seat-backs had big grab ropes?

A fun lineup of wee cars.
A 1980 Omega Alpha; a perfect car if you’re headed to Toontown.
1928 Martin Aerodynamic.
Wooden you like to take this 1950 Martin Stationette on a test drive?

Banana boat: This 1958 DKW Auto Union 1000 has a 980cc 2-stroke with 32HP.

Above: The 1959 Henney Kilowatt was a conversion car by National Union Electric. They craftily put their motor inside the body and chassis of a Renault Dauphine. It had a top speed of 35mph with a 40 mile range between charges. The golf-cart batteries would charge using a standard household outlet.

Above and Below: One my favorite vehicles in the Lane Motor Museum was this hauler (not the car on the back). The 1988 Citroen Tissier Car Carrier is powered by a water-cooled, 2.5-liter 4 cylinder turbodiesel making 121HP.

A 1993 Autozam AZ-1.

For comparison, this 1971 Honda Z600 takes up less space than a big ol’ van.

Another fave, this 1978 “Bi-drive Recreational All-Terrain Transporter” was a show-stopper. The BRAT by Subaru was the manufacturer’s answer to the increasing interest in light-utility trucks. The seats and seatbelts in the back with a carpeted bed helped classify the BRAT as a car, so it avoided the 25% tariff applied to imported small trucks at the time.

Thanks for tuning in to Good Spark Garage! Wanna visit this incredible collection and see even more? Find all the info you need on the Lane Motor Museum website.

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