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Your Introduction to Motorcycles

We were pre-schoolers taking turns sitting on the gas tank of Dad’s Triumph while cruising SoCal cul-de-sacs in ’81. Did this moment, along with our early years of Big Wheels, dirt bikes and three-wheelers, help turn us into motorcyclists? Or is the love for riding motorcycles innate? We love hearing origin stories of how people got started in motorcycling – the following video is one such story.

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Rahal Ducati Indianapolis

We love dropping in on motorcycle dealerships that have a passion for what they sell. In its very early stages, we stopped by the new Rahal Ducati Indianapolis during their Ducs and Donuts event in March 2021. It appears the Italian brand is in good hands with Graham Rahal’s team and we’re looking forward to how they’ll be ratcheting up their efforts in the Indy area.

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Lane Motor Museum – Nashville TN

Passing through Nashville? Take the family to Lane Motor Museum. It’ll be the funkiest collection of vehicles they’ve ever seen – one that’s sure to spur smiles and wonder. We’ve only shared a sampling of the showpieces here, so be sure to block out a chunk of time to drop in on this midwestern automotive treasure.

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Triumph Indianapolis

In 1902, the first Triumph motorcycle was manufactured in Coventry, England. In 2020, the spirit of this storied British brand has awoken in the Crossroads of America with its latest flagship dealer: Triumph Indianapolis. We stopped by their grand opening on June 27th.

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