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MotoGP Infographics – Super Circuit


We’re fans of MotoGP racing. We’re also fans of infographics. Combine the two with the fact that we’re illustrators by trade and you’ve got yerself these info-packed visual aids. The lead image is a fantastical imagination of what a circuit may look like if you combine all of the MotoGP tracks in the 2015 Championship into one Super Circuit (we can dream).

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Meet Mel Harder: Indy Motor Speedway VP of Operations

(Update: Mel has been named senior vice president and general manager of the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas. We congratulate him on his new direction and wish him the best of luck. -GSG)

Mel Harder is a motorcyclist. He’s a listener, an observer, and a doer. He grew up in Speedway, Indiana, beginning a lifelong involvement with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In 2002, he took the reigns as Senior VP of Operations at IMS and later helped secure a deal that brought MotoGP racing to Indy in 2008.

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Valentino Rossi: The Motegi Mask

Aside from being engrossed in the now dissipating Stoner-Lorenzo points battle in MotoGP, we’ve curiously tuned in to the wavering opinions on Motegi. The original date for the Japanese Gran Prix (April 24) was postponed due to the horrific tsunami that pounded the ports of Japan.

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Daredevil Debbie Lawler: The Flying Angel

The Flying Angel Debbie Lawler

“The crowd expects to see a 300-pound tattooed lady with chains hanging down her back. They don’t expect me.” Debbie Lawler was five feet, two inches tall and just over a hundred pounds astride her 2-stroke Suzuki TM250.

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U.S. Motorcycle Helmet Laws (Infographically Speaking)

Huh. Illinois, Iowa and New Hampshire have absolutely no helmet laws for motorcyclists. Alaskan passengers must always wear a helmet on a motorcycle, no matter how old they are. We were curious about which States required everyone to helmet-up and which didn’t. We then realized our country is a mixed bag of “you-musts,” “only-ifs” and “don’t-have-to-if-you-don’t-want-tos” when it comes to motorcyclists’ head protection. So, after cross-referencing and fact-checking till it started to become un-fun, we decided to put together this handy li’l infographic to aid in our understanding of who must wear a helmet and who doesn’t hafta.

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