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The Scene at Milwaukee’s Rockerbox

There’s an artsy little neighborhood just north of downtown Milwaukee that annually welcomes an entertainingly diverse range of motorcycles. Riverwest has an unassuming vibe with its patinated random architecture and flip-flop clad residents who walk their dogs on buckled sidewalks. It’s home to the Fuel Cafe, the epicenter of a summer bike show and street party aptly named Rockerbox. When motorcyclists enter the Fuel Cafe for the first time, they’ll do a 360-degree pan of its decor, then step forward feeling like the place was made just for them.

You could spend an hour looking at the framed moto pics in the Fuel Cafe.

During the one-day Rockerbox event, Center Street becomes a sea of bikes and booths lining the curbs and straddling the center lines.

You’ll see motorcycles that will inspire you to build one, or make you want to buy one, or impress you, or make you scratch yer head, or make you laugh, or remind you of the good ol’ days.

This Buell was representing Milwaukee machines well. Cleeean.
This Honda got a lotta looks. Would be nice to find out it’s actually used for what it looks like it could do.
You’ll see a large contingent of mopeds. MOPEDS UNITE!
I mean, just look how many different genres of bikes are in this pic alone.

For us, what makes the show interesting is the people who attend. It’s the scene, man. You can probably find many pics on the web of the noteworthy bikes that were there, but that wouldn’t give you a true lay of the land. Our words and images only slightly showcase the gritty urban setting and the overall jollification waiting for you at Rockerbox. (Event info for 2011 at the bottom of this article.)

Rockerbox haute couture.

What do these guys sound like? We recorded a sample for you:

Nothing’s gonna stop him from taking his lady to Rockerbox.
We’re always fascinated with the Speedcult products. That’s Len, the owner.
Nice sales pitch.
You never know what you’ll uncover at Rockerbox. This was for sale at a very good price.
Parking can get a little tight.
Large back tat. Snake lady. It’s Rockerbox, man.
This is a rare “GT” model Radio Flyer Comic Hauler.
Chivalry is dead.

Moto-sculpture on the spot. I think they were making the trophies.

Details for Rockerbox 2011:
When: August 6th. Begins at 11:00 a.m. and ends at 6:00 p.m.
Where: Google Map of Fuel Cafe
Cost: It’s free to attend.
Official Bike Show entry fee: $10. (Proceeds go to The Steel Shoe Fund.)
On-site Helmet/Coat check booth
More questions about Rockerbox? Click here.

Would you recommend this event to others? Any words of wisdom for folks who’ve never attended Rockerbox? Feel free to leave ’em in the comments.

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  1. Wow. That pretty much sums it up in the best way. All the things I love about it, but was never able to articulate. Thanks for the love!
    Scott J

  2. To answer you’re question:
    “This Honda got a lotta looks. Would be nice to find out it’s actually used for what it looks like it could do”

    The bike “Cafe Overkill” get’s a workout pretty regularly and even had some time on the track at Road America this year! = ]

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