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Indian Motorcycle Mural by Wilkinson Brothers


Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at a mural for the Wilkinson Bros design studio (video below), featuring an illustrative depiction of a 1913 Indian board track racer. The goal was to create a warehouse vibe with the horizontal slats (and to avoid painting on the existing tongue-n-groove paneling).

We were inspired by the illustrative approach of the Deus Ex Machina poster seen here. Love their work. It uses 1/4″ plywood slats nailed to a furring-strip frame, a coat of white Kilz primer, a coat of tan interior house paint and acrylic paint for the bike. Wilkinson Bros, Inc. is a graphic design & illustration studio based in Indianapolis specializing in motorsports marketing.


To avoid painting the existing tongue-n-groove paneling, we skinned the wall with large sections of thin-ply slats. Only a handful of screws are needed to hang the lightweight facade.


After a ham-fisted coat of Kilz primer over the plywood, we applied a flat, tan interior house paint. The intention is to have a muted “dirty” background color, as opposed to a bright white base.


We used an old-school overhead projector to cast our illustration onto the wall, then traced it with a pencil.


Filling in the li’l details with red acrylic craft paint. As you can see, we used a gloss acrylic which created an unwanted shiny-ness. So we went back over the gloss red with flat red. Lesson learned.



Whimsical, lumpy line art of an olden V-twin.


Mission accomplished: A big board-track racer, narcissistically emblazoned with our Wilkinson Bros branding.


Welcome to our office; pull up a chair…or motorcycle.

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