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Electric Ural Sidecar Review

Ural Electric Sidecar

We got chills, they’re multiplyin’. The new Ural prototype people have been buzzing about is officially public and, well, it’s electrifyin’! Here is Corey’s first take on an early-phase version of the electric Ural, powered by a Zero Motorcycles powertrain package, that we tested back in March.

A quick note: this isn’t going to be a geeked-out tech-centric post full of data and decimals. You can find the bike’s full specs here. We’re more about the vibe; the overall ‘feels’ you get when riding through the wind on a motorcycle. Of course, we’re in love with the big jump in horsepower from their internal combustion engines (60hp! Up from 41) and its 81ft-lbs of torque. After many hours spent in the saddle of gas-powered Urals, the feeling is immediately and noticeably different. You can feel it in your innards upon acceleration. Is the experience better? We’ll get there; read on.

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Sidecar Soccer

Good Spark Garage

World Cup hosted in Russia. Russian sidecars. Sidecar soccer!! Watch the video to see us merge two of our favorite activities.

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