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Indy Mad Max Run 2014 – Photo Feature


Spring weather finally arrived and the 1st Annual Indy Mad Max Run provided a lot of Indianapolis motorcyclists an excuse to get out and ride. Having a post-apocalyptic theme, some folks used it as an opportunity to affix weapons to their bike…and body. How did this homage to a dystopian film series mix with a planned ride, you wonder? Have a look…


Though the theme was dark and doomsday-ish, it was all in good fun…and many put in a lot of miles wearing their Mad Max garb. The ride led motorcyclists all over the city, from Broad Ripple to downtown, west side to the north burbs and back downtown to Fountain Square.

Riders meeting held in a shopping center in Broad Ripple. Shoppers stared and kept their children close.
Basic transportation for a time when there ain’t no rules.
Seth Mansue (left) is the founder of the event. Adam Ratcliff (right) of Ton-Up Indy, helped organize the ride.
The dualsport bikes seemed to fit the theme well, but there were all types present.
Deacon Sean also helped organize the ride and led one of the ride groups on his CB750.
I’m certain the boys in blue were scratching their heads at this motley crew.


The Brockway Pub in Carmel, IN welcomed the unruly-looking crowd.


Crossbow pistol, climbing rope, fuel can and up-to-date plates. Rebel with a conscience.


Not your average suburban stroll.
No paint? Electrical tape can be effective.
Pre-pillaging pondering?


Direct line to the Main Force Patrol.
Perfect weather for letting the wind blow through your fur.
There were many types of non-traditional attire, like this fuzzy stegosaurus jacket.
These guys could start a “Beards and Bandoliers” ride. 🙂



The event patches looked cool.


We’re betting that not many events would be more appropriate to wear our Icon Big Game Variant helmet.
There were plenty of non-Mad-Max bikes in attendance. It was a pretty varied crowd actually.


Corey rode the Ural, banging the gears and burning the gas to keep up with the brisk ride pace.



We think it’s worth noting that there was a conscientious effort by Seth Mansue, the main man behind Indy’s Mad Max Run, to encourage a safe ride and to respect other motorists. Despite the sinister-looking motorcyclists, there were lotsa smiles and people having a good time.

All he wants is life beyond…the Thunderdome.

For those who didn’t attend, it was a pretty lengthy ride as opposed to only a static street party or bike show, but the route was well-planned with killer maps designed by Adam Ratcliff. Before the ride, during rest stops and after the ride allowed time for some curbside camaraderie. If you’re curious about the event or want to see what they’re up to for next year, monitor their goings-on via their Facebook page.

Wilkinson Bros Ural Sidecar
Thanks to Melisa for snapping this pic of Corey at speed on the Ural.
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  1. Super, super great event… It went off way better than any of us expected. It’s the participants that made this ride so spectacular. We are definitely doing it again next year. I can only hope that the Rolling Bones Run goes off as well as this did.

    Corey, Thank you so much for coming out to not only document the event but to also actively participate… Have you considered getting a ginger-haired mannequin to put in the side hack when your brother is in absentia? Even a head on a stick would do. 😉

    Adam Ratcliff.
    Ton Up Indianapolis / Rockers Reunion Indianapolis

    1. Had a great time, Adam. Cool cats, good weather, good roads and good senses of humor out there. You know, I reckon a head on a stick in the sidecar would fit the criteria of this event…and Ural makes a machine-gun mount. 😉 -corey @ GSG

  2. I had a great time during the ride! Thanks for documenting this event. I was the dude with face paint and chopped up babies on his motorcycle. Can’t wait to do this again next year!

  3. All I can say is that we had a blast, if you’re a rider In IN. You shouldn’t miss this ride. We’re already. Thinking about next years get up.
    A must do event!

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