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Janus Open Shop with CROIG


We pulled into the lot outside Janus Motorcycles as the sun was going down. We flashed our lights through the large paned window, saying ‘hello’ to the folks inside. They were quick with welcoming waves as they set their long harvest tables with homemade Amish-style food. On a cold November evening, we looked forward to the literal and figurative warmth inside.

L to R: David Chang, Richard Worsham, Devin Biek, and Andy Blaschko.

On this night, Janus would host their “Open Shop”, highlighted by a visit from Andy Blaschko and David Chang, the two motorcyclists behind the social-media juggernaut, Cafe Racers of Instagram (CROIG). Since the date fell on Janus’ regularly-scheduled dinner gathering, local friends and close acquaintances were also in attendance.

Richard gives a quick overview of the Halcyon in the alley behind the shop.

The CROIG guys rode in from Detroit, one of the stops on their ambitious East Coast Tour. After having ridden their BC Customs Triumph motorcycles for many hours, they didn’t mind jumping right back into the saddle for a quick jaunt on the Janus.

We all prep for a nighttime test ride.

Richard Worsham and Devin Biek, Janus’ founders, gave the CROIG guys a quick rundown of their Halcyon 250 and led them on a night-ride around town. Casey fired up his ol’ Moto Guzzi and I jumped on the back to snap a few shots.

Devin Biek led the way through Goshen, Indiana.
Richard Worsham on his ’87 KLR.

Soon, Janus will be crawling with a fleet of new bikes (Jani?). Until then, they sometimes putt around on their KLR dual-sports as the finishing touches are put on the first big run of Halcyon and Phoenix 250cc models.

CROIG’s David Chang tests the Janus Halcyon 250.

Andy and David complimented the bicycle-like, nimble handling and we enjoyed the sound of the fruity exhaust note as we followed behind the classy, single-cylinder motorbike. (Stay tuned for a more in-depth review from our ‘Good Spark Garage’ perspective).


After a cool ride, we headed back to the shop where the pots and plates of hot food awaited. It was a great opportunity to sit and talk shop with the CROIG guys, who have successfully and legitimately found a way to grow their audience online and in-person. Though it sounds like 100% fun, we’re sure it’s a lot of work.


When Casey and I meet up with the Janus guys, it feels like we’re visiting family. Kids are running around asking for one more cookie, someone is insisting that you jump in the food line ahead of them, and conversations range from recipes to love to life to motorcycles and more. We Wilkinson Bros feel lucky to have been accepted into their family.


It was like a big Thanksgiving dinner with the fam.

This Janus Open Shop with CROIG was a great opportunity for good ol’ fashioned fellowship. We like how our hosts respect the Amish community around them and appreciate Amish traditions of surrounding yourself with good food and good people. Of course, at Janus, we’re also surrounded by motorcycles, and we think that’s pretty neat.

Here we are at top left, (Corey, Casey) eating well and in good company.

To keep an eye on Janus, follow their channels and check out our feature on their shop in Goshen, Indiana.

A quick note: We wanna send out a big thanks to Richard, Amy, Devin, Stacy, Grant, Jordan, Ashley, Devin II, and everyone who took the time to prepare this wonderful nachtessen. 

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