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Video: ACE Motorcycle & Scooter Co. of Chicago

Vintage motorcycles and scooters are sometimes best experienced with the phone number of an honest mechanic handy. Some motorcyclists don’t mind twisting off bolt-heads and chasing finicky carbs for weeks and there are always those guys who say, “I work on my own stuff.” For us, we can understand trying to save a few bucks on some fixes, but a mechanic whose life’s work is decoding the varying innards of aging European motorbikes? That’s a priceless contact.

ACE Motorcycle & Scooter Company is a shop whose owner/operators work hard, but find time to develop relationships with their customers.

Click here to see the Good Spark article and pictures from the Friday Night Punch-Up held at ACE Motorcycle & Scooter Company.

This video features the top notch rockabilly music of Pearls Mahone & The One-Eyed Jacks.

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