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Chicago’s ACE Motorcycle & Scooter Company

Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co. Chad

We like to find motorcycle shops that hearken back to the good ol’ days where there’s a familial vibe in the air…and maybe a dusty jukebox in the corner. Shops that don’t have to adhere to corporate requirements are usually charming, in a concrete-floor and exposed-rafters kinda way. Even more unique is a shop whose owner is also the head mechanic. Chicago’s ACE Motorcycle & Scooter Co. is such a place.

We walked down West Jackson Boulevard toward the big ol’ buildings of downtown Chicago, cameras in hand. Tucked back off the one-way street is ACE’s building; its parking lot would be the setting for “The Friday Night Punch-Up,” a pre-Mods vs. Rockers Chicago event. Old bikes and scoots were gathering, a pig was roasting, the sun was fading and the on-point rockabilly of Pearls Mahone & The One-Eyed Jacks set the tone for the evening.

Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co. Pearls Mahone
Fact: Pearls Mahone and The One-Eyed Jacks have the whole rockabilly vibe dialed in juuuust right.

Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co. On the Roof

We had the urge to play a song on ACE's jukebox, hop on our cafe bikes and race around the block.
Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co. Pig Roast
Probably shoulda warned you about this pic first. Seems NSFW. Smelled good, though.

Once upon a time a girl named Bee was set up on a blind date with a guy known simply as “Motorcycle Chad.” He rode. She didn’t. But she quickly learned to love motorcycling. Their now-mutual interest led to motorcycle matrimony and today, they run ACE Motorcycle & Scooter Company. Chad is the head mechanic, well-versed in cars, bikes and scooters of yesteryear and Bee is the shop manager and self-proclaimed “Parts Mistress” that keeps customers happy and employees on track.

Bee at Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co.
Bee presents the alley-view behind Ace. That building in the background is the 'building formerly known as the Sears Tower.'
Chad is pretty chill. He has a quiet confidence.

Chad at Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co.

ACE specializes in vintage European motorcycle and scooter service. Peek through the gap in the wall of the retail area and it looks like a classic bike show.

Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co. Workshop 5
ACE was commissioned by one of their loyal customers to work on this Norton-powered, Dave Cook custom.

Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co. Workshop 2

Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co. Workshop 4

Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co. Workshop 6

Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co. Workshop 3

Bee says she likes how the vintage bike n’ scooter crowd can accessorize with really cool apparel. We agree. Their shop has stylin’ leather items from floor to ceiling and a selection of full or open face helmets to match your mod or rocker tastes.

Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co. Shop Goods

The evening at the Punch-Up was in full swing with a perfect mix of motorbike conversation, good food and rockin’ music. Larry Fletcher, the driving force behind Mods vs Rockers Chicago, brought his always-positive energy and his mobile, “Legendary Ale House” to keep folks hydrated.

Alehouse at Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co.
Jacqui, whom we deem a master of vintage motorcycling, helps man the tap as Martin, the creative mind behind the MvR graphics and illustration, enjoys an un-cola.

Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co. Moto Gathering

Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co. Dinner Table
"Smith, party of three, your Stella is ready."
Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co. Larry and Bee
Larry, of Ton Up Club Chicago, and Bee, owner of ACE Motorcycle & Scooter Co.
Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co. Doggy
This ain't yer average dog-walker. This is Stephen, owner of Restoration Werks and service guru of vintage uniquities.

Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co. BMW Rocker

Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co. 500 Honda

Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co. Mirrors

Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co. Patches

BMW bike at Ace

Stella Sidehack

Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co. Titan

It was a great Friday night. Storms were supposed to roll in, but never did. The weather was perfect. And the kinds of bikes you don’t see enough of on the streets showed up to support the start of the weekend’s Mods vs Rockers Chicago festivities. Larry and the Ton Up Club Chicago do a great job of roping in and entertaining vintage aficionados.

And, of course, thanks to people like Chad, Bee and their team, the vintage scene is kept alive and well. So, if you’re wanting to improve your retro fashion sense, ACE can help. If you find yourself in the Chicago area with a slipping clutch, valve clatter, or in a losing a battle with Lucas, look ’em up. They’ll treat your ol’ bike or scoot as if it was their own.

Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Co. We Will Survive

ACE Motorcycle and Scooter Company
1042 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, IL 60607

Click here to see the Good Spark video featuring ACE Motorcycle & Scooter Company.


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  1. ACE Motorcycle and Scooter Company keeping the scene alive and strong in the windy city!Chicago’s very own.

    Corey & Casey, nice meeting you guys at MvsR.

    see you on the road or on the dance floor
    “we are the mayday sc”

    1. Nice meeting you as well, Jordan! Without you mods, MvR would be incomplete. Thanks to Mayday SC for tuning in to Good Spark. -from the Guys at GSG

  2. I was born 1946 about 1 mile from The Ace Café on the North Circular Road, and used to go there with my mates and bikes, I had a 50’s Norton m50, 350cc single, a BSA c15 250cc single and briefly a Royal Enfield 500cc single, unfortunately severely changed the shapes of the first two,! cars seem to come off better, joined 59 Club in ’63, great days then everywhere was hopping, like your place maybe get there soon, am living in V.A. have Suzuki Boulevard trike now. Best Wishes D, (TRIK1E)

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