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Ural Sidecar + Mountain Bike Adventure

Whatever kind of adventure you’re into, it’s often necessary to drive out to a starting point. We wanted to make the trip to the trails as much fun as riding our mountain bikes. See the video below.

Have an adventure on the way to your adventure!

A lot of sidecar folks look for opportunities to take the rig instead of the truck or car. Like any motorcycle, it makes the commute more fun and memorable. Casey fabricated and secured a hitch mount (it doesn’t permanently attach to the Ural’s sidecar chassis) that firmly holds the bike rack in place. Watch the video on YouTube.

When we pull up, it doesn’t take long before mountain bikers approach the rig to take a pic.

There’s ample trunk space and available steel for various mounts. The trunk can still open so we can access our helmets and tools without having to remove the bikes.

Ural MTB Adventure

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When it gets hot out there; ice cream accordingly.

People who like the outdoors appreciate the Ural because of its adventure-ready design. It allows fresh-air fiends to be out in the elements before and after a ride, hike, run, climb, game, swim, etc. What would you mount to a sidecar or carry to an adventure?

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