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U.S. Motorcycle Helmet Laws (Infographically Speaking)

Huh. Illinois, Iowa and New Hampshire have absolutely no helmet laws for motorcyclists. Alaskan passengers must always wear a helmet on a motorcycle, no matter how old they are. We were curious about which States required everyone to helmet-up and which didn’t. We then realized our country is a mixed bag of “you-musts,” “only-ifs” and “don’t-have-to-if-you-don’t-want-tos” when it comes to motorcyclists’ head protection. So, after cross-referencing and fact-checking till it started to become un-fun, we decided to put together this handy li’l infographic to aid in our understanding of who must wear a helmet and who doesn’t hafta.

If you’re planning a bike trip across the country and you’re not a helmet kinda guy, use this graphic to know when to reluctantly pull over and put on a dang ol’ helmet. If you religiously wear a helmet, regardless of the government’s opinion of who’s too young to have a choice on the matter, this infographic may still intrigue your responsible self. Either way, click on it for a more enlarged view.

Keep in mind, we’re not broadcasting this for folks to use as THE law. Anyone who’s still unclear about the rules should consult their State’s DMV to get the lowdown.

These infographics are fun for us to create, so keep an eye out for more.

For a printable version of this infographic, download the PDF by clicking here.

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    1. Thanks for the heads-up. We’re aware of the change in Michigan’s law and will hopefully get around to the change in the graphic soon (in the meantime, it’s dated to show how current the info is).

  1. As of may 2012 Michigan changed there law you are able to ride without a helmet as long as you are over the age of 21.

  2. interesting that….is it australia where its x miles from home and u must wear ? i have dead friends just going 50 yards to put the bike away…..i have seen brains laid out on dry stone wallls…..but you dont have them in can probably land butt down in sand…i hate the restricted visibility of full face….helmet laws seat belt laws..they invented the law and we just have to put up with the rubbish that was fasionable/available at the time..either way education belongs to “sorry mate i did’nt see you” if i dropped a ten spot’d hear it “sorry mate ..i didn’t look ?????????????????????????????????????

  3. Very good information. Its actually very interesting living in a state with a partial law and seeing how many people ride without their helmets. I appreciate your time and informative infographic.

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