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People Watching: AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days

Ever been to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for a weekend of AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days? If not, man, you should go. If you’ve been, you’re probably hooked. You’ll find extinct, endangered, and classic brands of bikes being sold, ridden, or raced (hard). Various vintage racing is happening all around you while new-model demo rides are available at all hours. Of course, what would VMD be without the massive motorcycle swap meet? It’s breathtaking, in an extremely miscellaneous and random kinda way. We’ll be featuring Mid-O in many articles to come, but for today, we wanna paint a picture of what we feel is the highlight of the event: People watching. So, grab a lemon shake-up, find a shade tree and enjoy watching this sampling of Midwest motorcycle culture pass by. (We took these pics in 2010.)

Run whatcha brung.
"You see, children, there was a time when people raced what they called 'two-strokes.' It was a magnificent sound."
His ancestors were Vikings.
Crouching Racer. Hidden Monkey.
When considering a big purchase, WWAND? (What Would Aaron Neville Do?)
When it rains at Mid-Ohio, this would reeeeally come in handy.

"Jeeves, to the infield!" he commanded, whilst atop his lawn chair perch.
At times, it seems the population at VMD is dominated by big dudes on little bikes.
Hide ya kids. Hide ya wife...
Plan your weekend accordingly; this is only a small percentage of the swap meet.
If you were to pick any random part off of your bike, there's a good chance a guy at Mid-Ohio is looking for it.
Radio Flyer Use #12,503: Hauling bottom end back to campsite.

A consignment shop of sorts. If you're not interested in the motorcycle items, they also sell patriotic Cornhole Beer Holders.


This fella drove this "Flxible" bus all the way from California.
Goldwing Trike.
"Excuse me, sir. Future Motorcycle Days is over thataway."
The baby-blue diamond plate, battering ram edition.

Guerilla Marketing.
Some great rockabilly music by Highway 13, playing in the Cafe Racer Magazine tent.
Len's Cafe Racer (he's on the far right; runs Speedcult with his bro, Bryan).
Ever see a traffic jam where people are smiling? Welcome to Mid-Ohio.
Of course, there are places to go to "get away." You can find this scene in the infield of Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

Keep it dialed-in for more posts about the incredible mix of old bikes, vintage racing and people-watchin’ at VMD. Maybe we’ll see you out there this year?

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