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MOTOBLOT 2014 Photos and Video

MOTOBLOT 2014 Scene

It was killer. It was happening. The inaugural MOTOBLOT in Chicago was a success. The guys behind the event simply recognized the organic evolution of Mods vs Rockers Chicago and tailored the new venue accordingly. Here’s a look through our lens for just a taste of what MOTOBLOT was like…

Steel Toe Press has been building motorcycle entertainment in Chicago for years. In this new direction the ‘rocker’ persona is still alive and well, but the infusion of American rockabilly and vintage culture has eclipsed the homage to the British mods and rockers.

MOTOBLOT 2014 - Vintage Honda
A view down Fulton Street, lined with vendors.

MOTOBLOT 2014 Scene

The venue was located outside the Cobra Lounge at the corner of Ashland and Fulton and stretched for several closed-to-the-public blocks. The streets were filled with tons of bikes and a nice selection of vendor and food booths.

MOTOBLOT 2014 Scene - Cobra Lounge

MOTOBLOT 2014 Chopper Couple

MOTOBLOT Crowd 2014

Tattoo artists, pinstripers and other artisans were on hand to add to the many moving parts of MOTOBLOT. For us, we’re all about the overall scene and vibe that’s created during a show or gathering. In other words, the people-watching can be just as entertaining, or more so, as the bikes and hot rods that attend.

MOTOBLOT 2014 Scene - Pinstriper

MOTOBLOT 2014 Helmet Pinstriping

The Miss MOTOBLOT Pin Up Contest helped add a vibrant splash of color to the event, where gals dressed in period attire with hair ‘n make-up that looked straight outta the 50s (there was a $1000 prize for the winner!)

MOTOBLOT 2014 - Pin Up Girls
Event coordinator, Larry Fletcher, poses with some of the Pin Up contestants.

We’re bike guys, yes. But as kids, we often drew hot rods and muscle cars to make time in the classroom bearable. We admire rat rods and have a penchant for slammed, chopped customs. The line-up of cars was varied and stellar.

MOTOBLOT 2014 Galaxie

MOTOBLOT 2014 Gasser

MOTOBLOT 2014 Hot Rod

MOTOBLOT 2014 Roadster

A big part of MOTOBLOT’s draw was the music they brought in. A constant stream of live music flowed from the Rockabilly Rumble Outdoor Stage. Acts like School of Rock Chicago, The Bama Lamas, Detroit Cobras, Krank Daddies and many more made appearances over the 3-day weekend.

As seen in the video, vintage-bike vixen and songstress Julia Haltigan filled the Isle of Man and Cobra Lounge with her rich vocals before performing on the outdoor stage (you may have seen her feature on Café Racer TV).

MOTOBLOT 2014 Julia Haltigan
Julia Haltigan on the Rockabilly Rumble Outdoor Stage at MOTOBLOT.
MOTOBLOT 2014 Julia Haltigan
Julia Haltigan playing at Cobra Lounge during MOTOBLOT.

The guys at British Customs added a build-off element to the show, pitting area Triumph dealerships against each other doing on-site customization of new Triumph models. Click on over to the Iron Moto Challenge site for more details about the bikes and competitors.

MOTOBLOT 2014 Chicago - British Customs and Brian Klock
The Panther bros from British Customs with Brian Klock (middle) of Klock Werks Kustom Cycles.
Johnny Scheff of Motoworks Chicago
Johnny Scheff of Motoworks Chicago on their entry for the Iron Moto Challenge.

There’s a lot that goes into these events to dial ‘em in just right and Larry Fletcher and Martin Cimek are already at work toward building an even better 2015 show. They’ve turned the corner from Mods vs Rockers and left a big ol’ black burnout mark toward building the best Midwestern summer event for vintage-minded motorcyclists.

MOTOBLOT 2014 Suzuki GT

If you’re teetering on whether to attend this event in the future, our post should provide a window into the world of MOTOBLOT. It’s just a mere sampling of the music, cars, bikes and people we encountered at the new direction of Chicago’s biggest annual vintage motorcycle rally. Check out the event’s site for more info on the whos, whats, whens and wheres.

MOTOBLOT 2014 Beach Girls

MOTOBLOT 2014 Bullitt Helmet

MOTOBLOT 2014 BMW in Alley


MOTOBLOT 2014 Hot Rod

MOTOBLOT 2014 Rat Rod

MOTOBLOT 2014 Chopper

MOTOBLOT 2014 Chopper

MOTOBLOT 2014 Chopper

MOTOBLOT 2014 Christi Lee

Above: Cristy Lee was MC for the weekend along with Kevin Dunworth of Loaded Gun Customs.

MOTOBLOT 2014 Scene - Cruising Couple

MOTOBLOT 2014 Scene - Ducati Engine

MOTOBLOT 2014 Scene - Ducatis

MOTOBLOT 2014 Scene - Father Son

MOTOBLOT 2014 Scene - Family

MOTOBLOT 2014 Scene

MOTOBLOT 2014 Retro Girl

MOTOBLOT 2014 Good Spark Garage - Ural
Corey Wilkinson of Good Spark Garage with the shop bike.

MOTOBLOT 2014 Chopper

MOTOBLOT 2014 Couple


MOTOBLOT 2014 Honda Cafe

MOTOBLOT 2014 Honda Girl
You meet the nicest people at MOTOBLOT.

MOTOBLOT 2014 ICON Stunter Burnout

MOTOBLOT 2014 Mini Bike

MOTOBLOT 2014 Scene

MOTOBLOT 2014 - Pin Up Girls

MOTOBLOT 2014 - Royal Enfield\

Royal Enfield brought their new models out, including a half-dozen Continental GTs.

MOTOBLOT 2014 - Royal Enfield

MOTOBLOT 2014 - Royal Enfield

MOTOBLOT 2014 - Star Bolt

MOTOBLOT 2014 - Pin Up Girls

MOTOBLOT People 2014

MOTOBLOT Scene 2014

MOTOBLOT 2014 Scooters

MOTOBLOT 2014 Speedcult

MOTOBLOT 2014 Speedcult

MOTOBLOT Scene 2014

MOTOBLOT 2014 Vintage Couple

MOTOBLOT 2014 Triumph

MOTOBLOT 2014 Wilkinson Bros
Your hosts, the Wilkinson Bros. A big thanks to the stranger who snapped our pic in downtown Chicago.

See even more event photos in our Facebook gallery.

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  1. Showed up on my ducati 999 and never felt out of place once. Great event with the nicest people. I will attend every year now!

  2. I didn’t realize you got a shot of my build from that winter. Really regret selling it. Most fun I’ve had on a cb550/592.

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