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ODFU Clothing: Limited Edition Coolness

ODFU Skull And Sparks Tee

Your T-shirts say a lot about you. Funky, witty, ironic or brand-loyal, it’s fun to throw on a tee that communicates something without requiring a convo. We like to find creative shirts that embody originality. Enter: ODFU Clothing. You’ve seen our review of some early ODFU shirts, now read on to see our take on two of ODFU’s latest limited edition motorcycle tees.

ODFU Black Tagless Tee

Like kids at Christmas, we tore into the wonderfully-crafted packaging (see bottom of post) to check out the latest wearable works of art by Kevin Wilson. He’s the illustrator behind the hand-drawn designs of ODFU Clothing Co. in the UK; learn more about him and the acronym here.

ODFU Skull And Sparks Detail

As crew-neck connoisseurs, we like to run a finger over the screened ink to assess whether it’s too much or too little. These tees pass inspection with just the right amount to last many washes and wear-n-tear, but not so much that it feels like it’d fuse to your skin on a summer day.

ODFU Engineering Tee Under Jacket

Our top picks for the recent series of ODFU shirts were the black “Skull and Sparks” tee and the blue “ODFU Engineering” tee. Both have an obvious allusion to vintage motorcycling that we dig, but they also convey a slight quirk that imply some individuality and creativity.

ODFU Engineering Tee

What makes ODFU a good fit for appreciators of contemporary graphic tees is that they run only a certain number of shirts for each design. Much like a silk-screened poster series, you gotta get yours sooner than later if you want to beat the masses.

ODFU Riding Dirtbike

As you can see in the above and below pic, the comfy ODFU T-shirts work well when you’re out and about or in the office doing your normal clerical duties (or wheelies). That’s GSG’s Corey adding a little 2-cycle scent to the shop.

Good Spark Garage Wearing ODFU Tee

Comfort is achieved by the tagless, nicely-printed branding inside and the fine-feeling fabric, which is a noticeably substantial step up from today’s beefy standards of mass-produced tees.

ODFU Blue Tagless Tee

The evidence of non-ruled, non-computer line work in the illustrations is an ODFU trait we dig. It says we like motorcycles without saying we’re dead serious about it. I mean, we’re consumed by the hobby, but we do it with a smile and enjoyment. No stoicism here.

ODFU Engineering Tee

ODFU Sticker And Pin Badges

Motorcycle jackets in the cafe racer or custom garage-built bike scene are often adorned with flair. ODFU has got you covered there, with some cool li’l buttons that come in a kit with a handful of great stickers. Surely there’s a good spot on your garage fridge, bike trailer, laptop, back fender or number plate to stick these shape-cut stickers.

ODFU Stickers and Buttons

ODFU Shirt on BMW

If you wanna add some unique apparel to your motorcycle tee rotation, click on over to ODFU’s online store and tell ’em GSG sent ya. These quaint little parcels are looking for good homes.

ODFU Package

(See our previous review of ODFU shirts here.)

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