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The Scene at Kentucky Kick Down 2015


We attended the inaugural Kentucky Kick Down a few years ago in Louisville, KY and knew it’d quickly become a popular event. In 2015, its third year, it has grown exponentially with a bigger footprint, more vendors and many more attendees. If you missed it, check out the scene via our photo feature…

Kentucky Kick Down

The guys behind the show put in a genuine effort to create a motorcycle event that draws the kind of people who appreciate unique bikes and motorcycle-related nostalgia. There’s an anti-pretentious mood in the air; no one taking themselves too seriously. Most bikes, if not all, look ready to fire up and ride away.


Above, co-host Scott Halbleib revs his custom Gold Wing with hundreds of other attendees simultaneously. The group rev is a tradition that creates a smile-inducing, glorious noise.


Above, co-host Scott Shuffitt, announces winners and gives away moto swag on the stage outside the Barret Bar.

The crowd gathers around the stage near Barret Bar.

Kentucky Kick Down


Choppers, bobbers, cafe racers, mild customs, crazy customs and vintage stockers lined Barret Avenue, which was closed for the event. Parking for bikes spilled over to Oak Street and all around the historic Highlands neighborhood.

Kentucky Kick Down

There’s no one major dominating brand at KKD, they welcome any make and any year. Show winners, though, are limited to vintage bikes only. Read on and check out our photo summary below to get a feel for the mood and ambiance of this gathering of vintage motorcycle enthusiasts.

Kentucky Kick Down

Kentucky Kick Down
This picture is missing a mandolin and/or banjo.

Kentucky Kick Down

Even little enduro bikes feel welcome and help stir up memories of recreational motorcycling.

Kentucky Kick Down

Kentucky Kick Down

Many vendors of all types gave folks plenty to peruse in addition to the bike show.

Kentucky Kick Down

Kentucky Kick Down
A good show cares about its brand and presentation; these guys care.

Kentucky Kick Down

Kentucky Kick Down

Though everyone has their own opinion on what’s cool, some of the best artistic expression in motorcycles are found in choppers. There’s no shortage of custom, chopped or bobbed bikes here.

Kentucky Kick Down




Events like these are good places to talk shop with your buddies.
Midwest moto-couple Bob and Brittany, from Nashville, TN.


Moto-couple Brad and Leslie from Kokomo, IN.


The environment is loud, greasy and gritty, perfect for a street picnic.


This couple, above, has a unique collection of vintage Z1 Kawasaki motorcycles. Jim and Paulette Turner are born-n-raised Louisville residents who own two Z1s for each year they were manufactured, both color options offered in 1973, 1974, and 1975. They’re part of the VJMC contingent that showed up for the event.

At Kentucky Kick Down, dirty and road-worn can be viewed as a badge of honor.
Lotta stuff going on at KKD, even a little sidewalk cornhole.


Folks are here to have fun and hang out in a casual sense. This ain’t no concours d’elegance.


Keep KKD weird.


A Royal Enfield Continental GT parked at the MOTOBLOT tent. A good looking cafe racer right off the assembly line.
The Tasty Tuxedo sidecar motorcycle was on hand to sell frozen treats.

Kentucky Kick Down



Above, the Ton-Up Club gathers for a group photo in the background. They had a national meet here at KKD, with members coming from Chicago, Indy, Canada, and all over.

Keeping the bugs fumigated around the food trucks.
Great music was slated for the event, featuring Louisville’s Vice Tricks.
Ms. Verity Vice of the Vice Tricks on the upright bass.

Kentucky Kick Down



The ever-present Jacqui Van Ham chats up Caleb and Ryan from Ton-Up Indy.
A Vincent Black Shadow.





If you like old bikes and chill, urban settings, you should dig this show. Visit the Kentucky Kick Down website for info on next year’s dates and details. The photos in this feature are just a sampling of the many, many bikes and people you’ll find on Barret Ave in Louisville. The sticker below sums up the mentality of the characters who host this party and echoes a sentiment we can relate to, “Ride Old Bikes.”


To see and share even more Kentucky Kick Down photographs, visit our Facebook album; if you see yourself, feel free to tag the pic!


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