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Rocker’s Reunion: Indianapolis 2011

Despite rain clouds rolling in over Illinois Street, bikes of all types rode into Indy for the 5th Annual Rocker’s Reunion. There were Beemers, Brit bikes, Italian motorcycles n’scoots, the Big Four and more. They were stock, chopped, cafe’d, mint, ratted, raked, old and new (see the pics and video below!).

I’m sure a few folks stayed home, avoiding the 60% chance of getting water spots on their chrome, but close to a couple hundred motorcyclists still partook in the big vintage motorcycle event hosted by Indy Ton Up.

We hopped on our cafés and headed out to meet our fellow aficionados of bikes meant to be ridden. Zorba Rose is a long-time Indy ton-upper who believes “people love the sights, smells and sounds of classic bikes.” With the exception of a few show bikes that may be trailered in, he assures “most of the motorcycles at the event are daily riders.”

The Good Spark Garage Kawasaki W650 Cafe felt at home at Rocker's Reunion.
Casey's BMW R75/6 Cafe representin' Good Spark Garage.

Passersby can expect to see street trackers, road race bikes, various vintage customs, obscure brands, and maybe even a British hill-climber among the many cafes, bobbers and stockers. Zorba credits the continual growth of the event to the Indy Vin Moto community, a local network of vintage bike enthusiasts who enjoy restoring, riding and racing.

Mark's T500 2-Smoker is top notch. It won "Best Cafe."
Fun to see the many variations of customness.
Adam Ratcliff (right) posted at the command center. He's a Ton Up member and the designer behind the cool RR collateral.

Dreeeeamy. These bikes belong to a motorcyclin' couple from our neck of the woods.

Decreasing levels of head protection and interesting knuckle tats.

I heard a Harley guy tellin' another Harley guy, "see, this is why I don't ride in the rain." (kidding, of course)
We are, we are...we are the Mods!

Rocker's Reunion 2011 BMW

Rocker's Reunion 2011 Hondabobber
Honda made a lotta Hondas. They made their presence known.
Rocker's Reunion 2011 Indy Ton Up Guys
We appreciate the Indy Ton Up guys for putting on a good show. (Adam on the left, Roy on the right.)

Echoing the crossed paths of the 60s countercultures Mods and Rockers, this event invites both scooter fanatics and greasy motorbike riders.  We like this crowd. If you’re in the Indianapolis area next May, fire up the ol’ bike and swing by the Melody Inn near 38th and Illinois for Indy Ton Up’s Rocker’s Reunion. We’ll see ya there.

For a mere taste of what the event is like, here’s a quick moto-vid from us to you:

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