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Thanks for Stoppin’ By

You’ve landed here, at the first post, via motorcycle fate. Or maybe a riding buddy told you to stop by; that’s cool, too. If you’re reading this within days of it being posted, well, you’ve just witnessed the start of a journey that promises to be a lotta fun. Now, if you’re reading this three years after the posted date, well, that means you’ve sifted through hundreds of motorcycle stories and ridden thousands of miles with us. For that, we thank you very much.

Either way, you’re gonna see us continually tuning and dialing in the best way to share moto tales and tidbits via the web. That’s what a garage is all about right? Moving things around, looking for the right tool, working on a bike that’s never quite finished but brings you joy every time you wrench on it. Let’s work on this project together; come hang out in the Good Spark Garage.

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