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Moto Apparel by Dead Ace Co.

Dead Ace Co. Moto Apparel

Moto-themed shirts rule our closets. We like a good silk-screened graphic tee, especially one that pays homage to the spirit of motorcycles and racing. You’ll see why we dig the products comin’ out of Dead Ace Co., an Indianapolis-based moto apparel company.

Dead Ace Co. Moto Supply
Dead Crow Logo Tee

Graphic designer, Ryan Abegglen, has summoned the ghosts of Gasoline Alley and channeled his inner grease monkey to create the bold graphics and vintage vibe of his Dead Ace products.

Dead Ace Co. Moto Apparel

Once Ryan preps the custom designs for the screens and press, his friend and biz partner, Joe Otter (of City Moto) oversees the printing and production. They both appreciate a handmade approach, which allows for print runs that are slightly and unapologetically varied.

Dead Ace Co. Moto Supply

Dead Ace Co. Moto Apparel
Cool details. Soft Cotton.

If you’re curious, the origin of the name comes from British slang, a way of saying ‘very good’ as Ryan explained in a recent PATTERN article.

To give you an idea of what these shirts look like in action, we thought we’d garage-test them for you and take some on-bike pics. Heck, we even fired up the blue shop-scoot for some good ol’ Hoosier hooliganism.

Dead Ace Co. Moto Supply
Corey airs out the GSG shop-scoot.
Dead Ace Co. Moto Supply
This iron-onnable patch is a combo of heavy-duty felt and embroidery.

With an early focus on motorcycle nostalgia, Dead Ace Co has recently given a respectful nod to Indy’s racing heritage. The theme of “Lost Causes and Hopeless Cases” resonates well with gearheads and guys like us who simply cannot stop thinking about riding, wrenching or racing. The product description sums it up…

“We’ve all got the sickness. There’s no going back.”

Dead Ace Co. Moto Supply
Casey’s Guzzi wearing the Dead Crow Patch Trucker hat.
Dead Ace Co. Moto Supply
Casey, our Ural Gear-Up sidecar, and the Dead Crow Logo Tee.

Dead Ace Co. Moto Supply

Dead Ace Co. Moto Apparel - Test ridden by Good Spark Garage
A Good Spark Garage field test.

Next time you sift through the fading shirts in your closet, think about how good this moto apparel would look in your collection. Whether you’re into racing history, Indianapolis, motorcycles, perished fowl, or lost causes, the Dead Ace brand will show people you like cool things, even if you’re a hopeless case.

Learn more or follow DACo here: • • Facebook/deadaceco

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