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Hometown Jersey – Vintage Apparel


If you read our original feature and interview with Hometown Jersey, you’ll learn why we love the effort they put into achieving an authentic vintage racing look. Scour the internet and leaf through old texts for early motorcycle racing pics in America and it’s evident how accurate these throwback jerseys really are. We’ve since added a couple more to our collection, check ’em out!


Our first Hometown Jersey was a raglan-sleeved Good Spark Garage jersey, so we wanted to order one for our graphic design biz, Wilkinson Bros, Inc. (above). The fit of the shirt is great and the vintage vibe is achieved by the thick cotton, cream-colored sleeves (not bright white) and the long cuffs.


Both of the jerseys featured here would fall under the ‘custom’ category since they contain iconic images along with multiple letters. Jill has some info and examples on her “Custom Designs and Logos” page. We opted for the cream and old gold letters for an added splash o’ color (the gold is a muted, rich gold).


You may have noticed the difference in the two jerseys’ sleeves. One has a raglan and the other has a set-in sleeve (see image below). We love the feel of the fabric, but especially dig the quality of the raised felt letters (no swiped-on ink here).


For an example of what these vintage-inspired motorcycle jerseys harken back to, here’s a pic of Billy Huber, a dirt track champ from the 1940s and 1950s.


For these two new shirts, Jill Smith, owner/operator of Hometown Jersey, carefully stitched each letter and graphic, adding even more cool-factor with crafty dimension.



These jerseys are a perfect way to display our brands in creative, nostalgic ways. While a lot of folks apply special locales (hometown pride), other applications extend to clubs, brands, bands, etc. They now offer large numbers…which has us brainstorming our next Hometown Jersey!


For more fun pics and ideas, follow us and Hometown Jersey on Instagram:
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