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Flat Tracks from Above

In the early 1900s, pioneering motorcycle racers must’ve raised their eyebrows with a sly grin when looking upon the smoothly graded horse tracks at the local fairgrounds. And, it probably didn’t take long for track owners to see the money-making opportunity to showcase a new, more exciting form of racing. Almost a century later, flat track racing is still being held at fairgrounds and horse tracks with the addition of some newer, purpose-built tracks. It’s also as exciting as ever. We thought it’d be cool to get a bird’s-eye view of just some of these venues to see how they sit within their surrounding environments. Click on the images to jump into Google Maps and look around even more.

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  1. This is OUTSTANDING…If possible please post more “ariels” of our “American Dirt Tracks” — including the “horse tracks” where run motorcycles & cars…

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