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Family Time at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days

Janus Motorcycles - Richard and Amy

As part of our continued coverage of AMAVMD, we wanted to put a spotlight on how motorcycles play a role in family fun. Whether it’s couples, siblings, or parents and their children, you’ll see thousands of people using motorcycles as their vehicle for quality time.

Matt and Adria

This couple from Indianapolis, Matt and Adria, ride and race together all around the Midwest. Zac and Kimberley (below), also from Indy, rode in style with their custom sidecar rig. The first pic of this feature is a quick-capture of Janus Motorcycles co-founder, Richard, and his wife, Amy riding through the campground.

Dirt Track Sidecar Couple

Our photo of Zac & Kimberley can be seen on the cover of the Sept 2016 issue of American Motorcyclist.

There are so many genres of bikes here at AMAVMD, but they’re far outnumbered by the amount of characters you’ll meet. Scroll through these pics for just a sampling of the folks that enjoy their motorcycle/family togetherness.

All Smiles at AMA VMD

You'll Meet the Nicest People on a Honda
Father-and-son fun.
Relationship Goals
Relationship goals.


Scooter Hugs

Mother and Child
Mom’s taxi.
This couple rode off into the sunset on their mini sidecar motorcycle.
Role Model
We’re pretty sure there are some fun memories being recorded in this little guy’s mind.

Father and Son

Dirt Bike Couple
Hey-hey; watch those hands, kids.
Biker brothers.
Family at the Track
Falling asleep to the soothing sound of motorcycles.
Swap Meet Shopping
Here, men go shopping with their wives.
Instead of soccer balls or baseballs, it’s helmets and sliders.
Moto Family
Chris and Becky from Ohio (parents) helped Delaney and Landen get ready for the Mini Bike TT races.
Moto Family
Our kind of “life behind bars.”
Easy, tiger.
Dirtbike Date
Backseat driver.

I See You Lookin'

Cool Mom
And the Mom-of-the-Year Award goes to…

Family Time

You don’t have to look hard to find thousands of smiling motorcyclists at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. If you’ve been meaning to put this event on your calendar, we recommend it. Heck, bring the family and make it a weekend full of bikes, racing camping, and fun!

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