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A Sidecar Christmas 2015

Good Spark Garage - Happy Holidays

Check out our 2015 Christmas VIDEO from us to you (below). We appreciate you tuning in and supporting our creativity whether it’s with design projects or just plain fun with motorcycles. We hope you enjoy the spirit of the season; Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Wilkinson Bros!

If you watch the video with small children, tell ’em Santa and his elves sometimes ride a sidecar to deliver presents and goof off a little before the busy season. Otherwise, we hope you have fun watching this ‘Sidecar Christmas’ video as we (Corey: Santa; Casey: elf) try to keep things fun around here during the holiday season.

The motorcycle sidecar we’re riding is our 2010 Ural Motorcycles Red October. The bicycle sidecar is a custom garage project built by Casey and his son. See more silliness and moto-culture on our Instagram feed!


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