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Festival of Machines at Conner Prairie

Festival of Machines - Connor Prairie

Over 6,000 people attended Festival of Machines at Conner Prairie, a weekend that celebrates unique modes of transportation with a focus on history and innovation. We were thankful to have been a part of the third annual event with a sidecar display featuring our Ural Motorcycles. Check out the scene in this photo-story!

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Test Ride: Janus Motorcycles Review

City Center on Janus Motorcycles

During a time when massive brands are stamping out countless clones, common are big marketing efforts trying to sell individuality. Then, these guys enter the fray. Janus Motorcycles is a small team of hands-on Hoosiers who are building, promoting, selling and orchestrating their network of skilled craftsmen to create authentic machines. Even better, they’re passionately delivering a motorcycling experience that’s extremely unique these days. Here’s how…

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