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MotoGP Infographics – Super Circuit


We’re fans of MotoGP racing. We’re also fans of infographics. Combine the two with the fact that we’re illustrators by trade and you’ve got yerself these info-packed visual aids. The lead image is a fantastical imagination of what a circuit may look like if you combine all of the MotoGP tracks in the 2015 Championship into one Super Circuit (we can dream).

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Tinplate Motorcycle Toys

Tinplate Motorcycle Toy

Motorcycles have captured and held our attention since childhood. As kids, toy vehicles were a means to tide us over till we’d someday own the real thing. Now, as grown-ups, we’d love to have a collection of tin toy motorcycles like these cool, vintage examples!

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Song: Riding to New York by Passenger

Passenger - Riding to New York

Motorcycles and music go hand in hand. Often we think of rockin’ jams from Seger or Steppenwolf, but in this song from Passenger, we’ve found a soft and somber telling of a tale where a motorcycle has a key role in experiencing life. Watch the simple, pond-side performance of “Riding to New York” and see Michael Rosenberg‘s lyrics below…then go hug someone you love.

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Of Sketchbooks and Bikes


No deadlines, no expectations, just an exercise in creativity. The plan: Use our motorcycles to scout out a location where we can sit down with our sketchbooks, relax and draw. We planned to meet up with our illustrator/motorcyclist buddy, Chris, and allow our kindred artistic spirits to sketch outside the four walls of our daily gigs. Where’d we end up?

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St. Louis Motordrome & Board Track Motorcycle Photos

St. Louis Motordrome BoardTrack Racer Group

It was all headed to the trash. A sizeable, historic collection of glass plate negatives of early 1900s American life was about to be deleted from existence. But, Thomas Kempland, antiques aficionado and old-stuff guru, gladly accepted ownership of J.R. Eike’s photography and the wooden boxes of incredible St. Louis imagery. Among the images Tom scanned from the negatives is a handful of board track racing motorcycles at the St. Louis Motordrome. Check out these amazing photographs that Mr. Kempland has allowed us to share here.

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