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Sights & Sounds of Flat Track Racing


The ambience of flat track racing is captivating. It’s the oldest, most traditional motorcycle competition sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing. During the Indy Mile at the Indianapolis State Fairgrounds, we recorded this soundscape with a visual sampling of the uniquely American flat track scene (watch the video below).

Stick n’ ball sports are fun, sure, but when you witness athletes tuck behind their machine at 130mph and throw it sideways into a dusty corner between padded walls and guardrails, you’ll realize why other sports seem like mere games. Add the roar of powerful engines bouncing off an old grandstand inside a historical venue and you’ll be hooked.

Indy Mile 2015 Flat Track Pitching It

If you want to know more about this kind of racing, visit the AMA Pro Flat Track website. And, if you want to see this incredible sport stay around for generations to come, show this video to your kids and to get them excited about dirt track racing. It’s definitely a wild experience for the senses!

To see our flat track racing feature full of killer pics and the vibrant scened found at the Indy Mile, click here!

Indy Mile 2015 Checker Flag

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