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2013 Indianapolis Progressive International Motorcycle Show

It’s a big weekend in Indy during the 2013 Dealer Expo and the Progressive International Motorcycle Show (PIMS). On Friday night, we dropped in on the Int’l Motorcycle Show to check out the new bikes and products. Even though we’ve seen the manufacturer’s models in print or web articles, it was nice to see them in person to get a sense of size and scale. See our picture-post below…


We ran into Tony Prust from Analog Motorcycles, who built this custom ‘79 Yamaha SR500 (above).

Since images of new bikes can be found all over the internet, we snapped pics of things you might not see everyday. Of course, it’s just a sampling of the things you’ll see at the PIMS consumer show. If you’re in Indy, it may be worth a stroll through the Indiana Convention Center downtown. If you bring the kids, check out the Strider space where they have a huge course set up to test out the pedal-less bikes. Note: There are enough immodestly-dressed girls standing in various booths, so if you’re not wanting to expose your little ones to the concept of ‘booth babes’ choose your route accordingly.

Icon Triumph Tiger

The ICON-altered Triumph Tiger sits on display in the Triumph booth. Was interesting to see it in the flesh after its online vid of multi-terrain hoonage.

Progressive International Motorcycle Show Indianapolis

Something else that might be worth checking out is the XDL stunt show (below). Two riders perform wheelies, stoppies, highchairs, and more on painted, slick-troweled concrete. Not slipping on that surface is impressive in itself.

Progressive International Motorcycle Show Indianapolis

Shade Tree Fabrication

Progressive International Motorcycle Show Indianapolis

Progressive International Motorcycle Show Indianapolis

Also, for anyone interested in the local scene for vintage motorcycling, head to the back corner near the Suzuki booth to pick up a flyer about the Rockers Reunion event on June 1st. They’re also located next to the VJMC guys, so you’ll see a big row of vintage machines lined up along their booths.

Rockers Reunion Booth

We tend to be drawn to the bikes with patina. Ones with stories to tell.

Old Tracker 45

Progressive International Motorcycle Show Indianapolis

SkullCrazy, a new company out of New York showed off their skeletal helmets to many curious passersby. They’re actually fused or formed onto a motorcycle half-helmet with straps, of course, and interchangeable lenses. While we may not be the demographic that would wear these, we gotta admit those are li’l works of art. No, they’re not DOT approved, but they’ll be in the category of “I gotta have that” for many a biker, we’re sure.

Progressive International Motorcycle Show Indianapolis

Man, electric bikes just keep getting better and better looking. That’s a great thing for the future of motorcycling! Great to see a classy, cool, sporty line-up of models at the Zero Motorcycles booth.

Triumph Scrambler

This is a stock bike worth posting a pic of. If you’re wondering, the Triumph Scrambler is very good lookin’ in person, too.


Red Bull has their ginormous DJ truck there as well.


Now that’s some different exhaust. Dig those big ol’ spokes.

Progressive International Motorcycle Show Indianapolis

It’s great to see the Circle City host more motorsports related events. Yeah, it’s cold outside, but it’s nice and toasty in the new convention center. You’ll forget about the temps as soon as you walk into the massive room of motorcycles.

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    1. Thanks, Red. ‘Preciate the compliment! Yep, we had an Expo-filled weekend on both sides. Lotta cool products to take in, but we’re always drawn to the display bikes.

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