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Authentic Jerseys Inspired by Vintage Motorcycle Racing

Good Spark Garage Wearing Hometown Jersey

Have you tried finding an authentic motorcycle shirt that captures the spirit of the post-war American motorcycle clubs? Can’t find a jersey that looks, feels and fits like something “Iron Man” Kretz wore 80 years ago on the dirt tracks of Southern California? Look. No. Further. Jill Smith of Hometown Jersey has dialed in the real deal, vintage style jerseys featuring made-to-order, hand-applied felt lettering.

Hometown Jersey Close-Up

Check out more cool pics and our thorough review:

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Storytelling: The Motorcycle Adventures of Farlap & Max

Farlap and Max Scenery

Max disappeared. He escaped on a motorbike and wouldn’t return for three years, after logging over 37,000 miles across the globe. He fled the humdrum rat race to receive an education in freedom from the world itself. A book about his journey aboard a finicky BMW Funduro named Farlap is materializing at this very moment.

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Interview: Eric Anderson of AMotoCo Photography

AMotoCo - Norton Race Bike

Eric Anderson is an Indianapolis-based photographer and motorcyclist who creatively captures the mood that emanates from fuel-burning machinery. As an architect, evidence of his trade shows up in his work; he creates strong compositions where the hero of the image is often metal framework or a mechanical harmony of engine components. We wanted to share with you a window into the world of AMotoCo: Moto Inspired Photography.

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