Sidecar Bicycle by Wilkinson Brothers

Casey’s son said he wanted a sidecar of his own like our Ural Red October. So, they built a sidecar bicycle using old bikes, spare parts, and sheet metal. Check out Casey’s pics and words on how this father-son project came to life!

Cut-up bicycle frames and scrap tubing were used to form the chassis of the sidecar. We used 3/8-inch round-bar for the tub’s wireframe and cut sheet metal panels to mimic the look of a Ural Motorcycles sidecar. Here are the photos of the build process…

Wilkinson Bros Sidecar Bicycle

After welding everything up, a quick paintjob and decal application completed the build (it even has a functional trunk). If you’ve seen our red sidecar, you’ll know this is an homage to one of the Wilkinson Bros company sidecars.

Wilkinson Bros Sidecar Bicycle

Casey’s son and daughter have mastered the “flying the chair” technique on their custom sidecar bicycle.

Wilkinson Bros Sidecar Bicycle

Wilkinson Bros Sidecar Bicycle

Above: Skippy loves taking rides in the sidecar bicycle; he’s the envy of his fellow suburban pets.

Wilkinson Bros Sidecar Bicycle

We’re motorcycle fanatics for sure, but we’re family guys first and are always finding ways to show our kids how to have fun.

If you know of any parents or kids who’d love to see this DIY-project, please share this link with ’em!

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  1. George Martin says:

    Well done your bike sidecar looks great!

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