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2-into-1 GPR Exhaust System for Ural Motorcycles

Ural GPR Exhaust

We installed and tested a 2-into-1 high-mount exhaust system (handmade by GPR Exhaust Systems) on our Ural Gear Up. The throaty tone sounds really nice when revved up. Click here to see the video.

Details: Bike in the Vid: 2016 Ural Gear Up Sahara Exhaust Disclaimer: For off-road use only Fits: 2008 and newer models (Gear Up, Patrol, cT)
Stainless Steel
Buy: Ask your local Ural dealer

NOTE: This system comes with a manual containing specific instructions, recommendations and warnings that are not included in this video. This video is not intended as a how-to guide.

Ural Motorcycles
GPR Exhaust Systems
Good Spark Garage
Wilkinson Bros

Ural GPR Exhaust

Ural GPR Exhaust

Ural GPR Exhaust

Ural GPR Exhaust

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    1. Hi there,
      Ural is now offering these kits for 2008 and newer Urals as well! Check in with your preferred Ural dealership for purchase.

  1. Hi folks, Ken here, 2014 Gear Up.

    At about 3:20 on your GPR Exhaust System video there’s a shot that shows a bracket that’s attached to the side of the sidecar, just forward of the spare fuel, er, ahem, water (grin) can. What is that bracket used for? Looks like a great place to mount another “necessary” item, but I don’t know what that item may be.

    Great video, as are all of your videos. I’ve used many of them to “collude” and “suggest” with the unenlightened that resistance is futile, and they will eventually succumb, so why wait any longer to buy a Ural.



  2. Hi

    2008 G/U owner here…..How bout a vid on your mtn bike rack build. Please?!? I’m dying for one.

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