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World Cup hosted in Russia. Russian sidecars. Sidecar soccer!! Watch the video to see us merge two of our favorite activities.


Good Spark Garage

Casey tees off on a long ball as Corey makes a run for a header into the goal.

Good Spark Garage Soccer

Sidecar PK.

Ural Sahara Gear Up

The world is focused on soccer (or football) right now and we’re feeling the excitement as well. Since the big tournament is happening in Russia, we figured we’d run some drills on our Russian sidecar motorcycles. 😉 With around 700-750 pounds to maneuver, these rigs do well and slicing and dicing on the pitch.

Good Spark Garage

Ride safe and here’s to your favorite team doing well! Sidecars by Ural Motorcycles

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The proving grounds were the rugged terrain of the Hatfield McCoy trails in West Virginia. A perfect place for a challenging duel to compare the capabilities of our one-wheel drive and two-wheel drive sidecar motorcycles. Read on to see how well the Ural sidecars traversed the rough and muddy mountains; I’m bettin’ you’ll be surprised. Read More…