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The Motorcycling McCrary Twins


When we were little, we’d check out the Guinness Book of World Records from the library and marvel at the pics of the longest finger nails, the tiniest person or smallest bicycle. But it was the McCrary twins that probably made the biggest visual impact. Not only were they the world’s heaviest twins, they were astride little Honda motorcycles.

McGuire Twins Infographic

Here’s an infographic we’ve created to show the relative weight and scale of just how big these guys were. When Billy and Benny McCrary were born there were no signs of potential massiveness, but after the German Measles, their pituitary glands got out of whack. At ten years old they each weighed in at 200lbs. Their folks tried special diets and manual labor to work off the weight, but nothing helped. They grew to 600lbs each at 16 years of age.


Their attention and fame led to an opportunity to ride mini-bikes across the country. Sponsored by Honda, they agreed to ride from New York to LA, presumably to show the durability of the bikes under the weight of the McCrary bros. It took them 30 days, averaging around 100 miles a day. Benny said they had a deal worked out with Holiday Inn, who provided rooms during the trip. Then, he said, “We’d ride into town and give autographs at a dealership for a couple hours.”


After fulfilling their cross-country trip obligations for Honda, wrestler Gory Guerrero offered them a gig in pro wrestling. He’d seen them in the press and thought they’d be perfect for the ring, developing stunts that had other wrestlers running at them only to dramatically bounce off. After Billy died in ’79, Benny was even paired with Andre the Giant a few times.


When they traveled overseas for wrestling, the Japanese announcers would pronounce their last name, McCrary, as “McQueery.” They didn’t like the anti-macho connotation that created so a member of their entourage suggested the McGuire Twins, since the name worked well for the McGuire Sisters.


There’s not a lot of details to be found about Billy’s death in 1979, but reports say that he died of complications 13 days after a mini-bike stunt in Niagra Falls, Ontario. He was 32, leaving behind Benny, who’d live to 54 until succumbing to heart failure in 2001.


These guys led an interesting life and still resurface in pop culture. They’ve even played trumpets in Vegas while go-go dancers danced around them…400-pound go-go dancers. Benny went on to become a golfer working for the Christian Golfers Ministry where some say he had a wicked chip shot.

The “McGuire Twins” as parodied on Family Guy and The Simpsons.

Back in their hometown of Hendersonville, NC, you’ll find a 13-foot wide headstone that spans the twins’ plots in the Crab Creek Baptist Church Cemetery. It would be an incomplete, 3-ton gravestone without the engraved Honda mini-bikes next to each of their names.



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  1. Great article! I too remember the iconic photo in the Guiness book. I had no idea that Honda actually hired them as promoters – they were hardcore if they rode from NY to LA on minibikes.

    1. I worked at the Kawasaki/Suzuki dealer in Hendersonville in the 70’s thru the 90’s and later, at some point, I’m not sure of the date, Benny would come into the store and the owner would get 4 metal chairs and place them in a kinda half circle so Benny could sit down, at that time he was riding a Kawasaki KD 100 cycle, was 100cc with manual clutch and 5 speed, they had 16 inch wheels and they were larger than a minibike but smaller than an average sized bike for the street. We removed the rear shocks and put in a solid bar, then we extended the footpegs to around a foot on each side, that’s the only modifications we made.
      He had a fairly skinny wife. They were both incredibly nice!

  2. The photos show them on Honda Mini Trail 50’s, Honda Trail 70’s, and Honda SL70’s. The SL70 has spoked wheels. There is a photo of them in New York City March 1970 on Mini Trail 50’s. Maybe that was the start of the trip. They were 23 yrs old.

  3. My dad introduced the twins to me and my brother when I was about 8 or so. Dad owned a pawn shop and sold some jewelery to them. We went to their dressing room at the Circus Circus hotel in las vegas where they were performing. It was morning and the most clear memoriy was of them talking about how much they ate for breakfast, including a dozen eggs each!

  4. My then girlfriend now late wife was one of the dancers that used to work with Billy and Benny in Vegas. They were a couple of great kids, polite, engaging and just all around nice guys. My wife loved them both and although they only worked together a short time they developed a friendship that lasted until their deaths. Both of the McCrary brothers were taken way too soon. They were big men with even bigger hearts.

  5. I remember them coming to Waycross, Ga in the early 70’s. I met them when they came in my family’ auto parts store. We were located around the corner from long time Honda dealer Sam Monroe and son. Right after their visit, my dad bought 2 trail 50’s. I am not positive but I do believe it was the demo models they rode that day. We had double front doors and both had to be opened for them to come in. As a teen they were the biggest guys I had ever seen. Tom weathersbee was the service manager at Monroe’s and he was a great friend to my dad and I think he tipped daddy off that the bikes would be for sale.

  6. I remember these twins and was glad to have gotten to meet them in Montgomery Alabama, I believe the early 70’s. I was just a 10 yo boy but remembered them on the Honda 50’s. Rest in Peace.

  7. I have to admit they are a childhood memory from The Book of Records. I remember seeing them in the library…

  8. The twins grew up about a mile from my childhood home in Hendersonville . When I was around 12 years old I went door to door selling of jr high candy bars, along with two friends, I had the pleasure to meet the twins at their mothers house. They bought all of the candy bars we had left and autographed a dollar bill for each of us. I guess they were around 25 at that time. I had heard of them through my dad who taught them in school but had never met them. I also remember going into Benny’s pawn shop at what is called “The Busy Bend of Kanuga” here in Hendersonville which was just a few years before he passed. Both the twins were very nice guys that are missed in our little town.

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