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Romance and Vintage Motorcycles

vintage motorcycle harley couple

There’s definitely a romantic aspect to motorcycling; the escapism, adventure and the simple concept of propelling yourself through the wind. Throw in a vintage motorcycle and a significant other and the experience is heightened. Here are some couples who understand.

vintage couple motorcycle riding beach

We’re posting this on Valentine’s Day, an appropriate time for an homage to motorcycle-togetherness. The couples in the pics above and below can’t hide the varying levels of joy when blasting the beach.

vintage motorcycle couple beach

vintage motorcycle couple kiss

Above: Not an old pic, but a cool ol’ Honda. This kiss was captured by Lanakila MacNaughton, a photographer and motorcyclist from Portland.

vintage motorcycle couple norway

The pic of this couple on a Harley VL with sidecar (above) was taken before the start of an endurance race in Trondheim, Norway. Now, she’s a good sport and he’s a lucky dude.

vintage motorcycle couple_sidesaddle

vintage motorcycle harley couple

vintage motorcycle harley couple

A proud young fella with his gal and his motorcycle in St. Paul, MN, circa 1950. (Image: Minnesota Historical Society)

vintage motorcycle harley couple

This couple is posing on one of the earliest Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Mind yer dress on the belt drive, ma’am.

vintage motorcycle couple triumph

A couple pictured with a Triumph motorcycle sidecar enjoy a picnic circa 1935. Staged or not, this looks fun. (Image by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/Corbis) Found this pic, and the one below, on the Selvedge Yard.

vintage motorcycle leaning sidecar

Engineer, H. Jenneret tries out his leaning sidecar circa 1938. “Watch this, honey.”  (Image by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/Corbis)

vintage vespa couple

Whether it’s a Vespa, motorcycle or a bicycle, all couples should have a pic like this in their photo album.

vintage sidecar motorcycle couple

vintage motorcycle wicker sidecar couple

This special lady was treated to a wicker sidecar with ample space for her feet. Her beau looks ready for action with his intense grip, stare and proper gauntlet gloves.

vintage motorcycle sidecar couple

Where to, m’lady? Those are some dapper duds.

vintage motorcycle sidecar couple BSA

This BSA motorbike and sidecar carries a happy couple and their Jack Russell Terrier, from the Museum Victoria circa 1920.

vintage motorcycle couple ducati

This gal doesn’t need to saddle up on the back to enjoy motorcycling with her man; she’s got her own ride (from an old Ducati advertisement).

vintage motorcycle BMW married

Don’t know the origin of the above pic, but it’s a great one. She’ll need to watch the strands o’ fabric on the hot pipes, but this is bliss at its best.

Here’s to fun on motorcycles with the one you love! Us guys here at Good Spark Garage are thankful for understanding and supportive wives who enjoy the sport and know exactly why we can’t get enough of motorcycling.

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