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Vintage Tintage: Old-Timey Motorcycle Pictures


We can’t resist a good ol’ black-n-white photograph of a vintage motorcycle in action, especially if a motorcyclist is pushing the equipment to its limits. So, we dug up some favorites and added a splash o’ color in this segment we call, “Vintage Tintage.” Enjoy.


I’m afraid they’re aaaaall watching you, fella. Some are takin’ pictures.


This guy is a forefather of the Over-The-Bars Club. He’s planning his grip-release for the right moment, keeping his eye out for an ideal landing spot.


“Ooooo!” he said, as the forks made a ffffwook sound.


We like to imagine this bike as the superhero and the rider its trusty sidekick.


Have you ever hit a jump faster than you needed to? We’ve all been there.


“It helps me relax,” said Joe as he tucked away his Zippo on the starting line.

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