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Rockers Reunion Indianapolis 2015

Downtown Motorcycles

The ninth year is in the books for Rockers Reunion, and its future is secure as the best vintage motorcycle event in and around the city of Indianapolis. Read on for visual proof that the bike scene is alive and thriving, especially in the show’s new location, historic Fountain Square.

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2015 Rockers Reunion Trophy Unveiling


The annual Rockers Reunion Indianapolis is coming up, but before the main event, the Ton-Up Indy guys host a Trophy Unveiling as a preview party. Here’s a taste of the scene in historic Fountain Square, featuring vintage motorcycles and custom trophies that will be given to bike show winners on May 30th, 2015.

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Rockers Reunion Indianapolis 2014 Photo Feature

Rockers Reunion Indy Harley Couple

May 31, 2014: The Ton-Up Indy guys have wrapped up another great Rockers Reunion. This was the show’s 8th year, bringing in over 500 motorcycles – mostly vintage and custom bikes of many different origins. Check out our photo album for a recap and put Indianapolis on your calendar in 2015, May 30th!

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2014 Rockers Reunion Trophy Unveiling


May 2, 2014: This year’s trophy unveiling downtown in Fountain Square was a great opportunity to get the bikes out of the garage and meet up with local vintage-minded motorcycle folks. It also served as a preview for the big Rockers Reunion in Indianapolis coming up on May 31st as well as an unveiling of the Royal Enfield Continental GT. Here’s a handful o’ pics we took during the evening…

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