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The Flat Track Scene: Indy Mile 2015

Indy Mile 2015 Checker Flag

Flat track racing is raw. It’s one of the few genres of racing that retains much of its original spirit. It’s dangerous and dirty and requires its competitors to wrestle their motorcycles on a constantly-changing surface. Why do people love it? Here’s my take, after a close-up view of the Indy Mile.

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MotoGP Infographics – Super Circuit


We’re fans of MotoGP racing. We’re also fans of infographics. Combine the two with the fact that we’re illustrators by trade and you’ve got yerself these info-packed visual aids. The lead image is a fantastical imagination of what a circuit may look like if you combine all of the MotoGP tracks in the 2015 Championship into one Super Circuit (we can dream).

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Invisible Motorcycles via PhotoShop

Kenny Roberts - Invisible Motorcycle

We marvel at the stance that pro motorcycle riders achieve as they dive into turns or wheelie in celebration. It’s hard to visually separate their ‘pose’ from the overall composition of bike-and-rider, so we removed the motorcycles! See how we’ve used PhotoShop on existing photos to highlight only the riders’ form on invisible motorcycles…

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Motorcycle Racing: Get Small, Go Fast


In motorcycle racing, you gotta get small to go fast. These racers try to shave off tenths and hundredths of seconds by staying tucked and wrapped around their bikes. At full throttle down the straight, your helmet could act like a drag racer’s parachute. Have a look and admire the effort these guys put into getting aerodynamic.

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Baby Vanderbilt Cup Car – Indian Power Plus


Imagine tearing around a board track speedway in this little gem. Back in 2004, this 750cc beastie was found in Livermore, California. We received a heads-up via email from Dennis Suter at Vintage Flat Trackers that this was for sale, ahem, for $75,000. The email says that these cars were raced on half-mile and mile tracks from Long Beach to Portland.

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National Moto at Major Taylor Velodrome

National Moto at Major Taylor Velodrome

Our motorcycling realm is full of fun opportunities; this last one was a thrill. Matty Bennett of National Moto+Cycle called us out to the Major Taylor Velodrome in Indianapolis to film one of his custom motorbikes lap the 28-degree-banked oval. A bonus opportunity: we ran our Ural sidecar around the pristine concrete drome as a camera vehicle. Keep reading for more pics, video and a behind-the-scenes look…

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