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Motorcycle Racing: Get Small, Go Fast


In motorcycle racing, you gotta get small to go fast. These racers try to shave off tenths and hundredths of seconds by staying tucked and wrapped around their bikes. At full throttle down the straight, your helmet could act like a drag racer’s parachute. Have a look and admire the effort these guys put into getting aerodynamic.

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Baby Vanderbilt Cup Car – Indian Power Plus


Imagine tearing around a board track speedway in this little gem. Back in 2004, this 750cc beastie was found in Livermore, California. We received a heads-up via email from Dennis Suter at Vintage Flat Trackers that this was for sale, ahem, for $75,000. The email says that these cars were raced on half-mile and mile tracks from Long Beach to Portland.

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On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter


While watching On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter, you’ll be grinning most of the way through. There’ll be some chuckles, a few nods and audible exclamations. At other times, your eyes will be wide with wonderment and maybe even well up once or twice. The “Brown” brand of storytelling is firing on all cylinders here and we loved every bit. Bonus: We were very fortunate to have had the opportunity to talk with Dana, in person, before and after the film. Read on for our review…

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National Moto at Major Taylor Velodrome

National Moto at Major Taylor Velodrome

Our motorcycling realm is full of fun opportunities; this last one was a thrill. Matty Bennett of National Moto+Cycle called us out to the Major Taylor Velodrome in Indianapolis to film one of his custom motorbikes lap the 28-degree-banked oval. A bonus opportunity: we ran our Ural sidecar around the pristine concrete drome as a camera vehicle. Keep reading for more pics, video and a behind-the-scenes look…

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Morbidelli Documentary Film

Vintage Giancarlo Morbidelli

We cheer for the underdog. We like racing stories where privateers bump bars and battle with the factory teams. In the documentary film about Italian motorcycle builder/designer, Giancarlo Morbidelli, a David vs Goliath story is told. Read on for more insight into this “story of men and fast motorcycles.”

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10 Reasons to Experience MotoGP in Indy


Since 2008, when the Indianapolis Motor Speedway became a stop on the MotoGP calendar, the Circle City has become a motorcycle mecca in summer. If you’re teetering on whether you want to ride into the heart of the festivities during the Red Bull Indianapolis GP, here’s a list o’ 10 reasons we’re drawn to them like moths to a flame.

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