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Test Ride: Janus Motorcycles Review

City Center on Janus Motorcycles

During a time when massive brands are stamping out countless clones, common are big marketing efforts trying to sell individuality. Then, these guys enter the fray. Janus Motorcycles is a small team of hands-on Hoosiers who are building, promoting, selling and orchestrating their network of skilled craftsmen to create authentic machines. Even better, they’re passionately delivering a motorcycling experience that’s extremely unique these days. Here’s how…

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GSG Review: Biltwell and Hometown Jersey

Hometown Jerseys and Biltwell Inc. Gear

We are children of the 70s who love looking back to the early days when motorcycles, off-roading and hot rods became recurring subjects in our daydreams and doodles. It consumed us then and it consumes us now, as you’ll see in this review of modern goods that evoke wonderful nostalgia in a major way.

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Who is Janus Motorcycles?

Janus Motorcycles Phoenix 250cc

When you roll into Northern Indiana Amish Country, you can’t help but relax and wonder what life is like in its rural fields. Vast farmland envelops the hustling, bustling towns of Elkhart, Nappanee and Goshen, where hardworking Hoosiers reside. The Biblically-named Goshen is where we visited the downtown garage of Janus Motorcycles, which neighbors the city’s first coffeehouse and a uniquely-curated record shop. In the motorcycle realm, Janus is different; a good different. Here’s why…

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ODFU x OEM T-Shirts and The Osprey

ODFU Old Empire Osprey T-shirt

This is one heckuva collaborative effort between two British companies who pride themselves on careful design and proper aesthetics. The ODFU x OEM limited-edition tees and custom bike-build, the Osprey, are turning heads and creating buzz in the custom motorcycle scene.

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