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Who is Janus Motorcycles?

Janus Motorcycles Phoenix 250cc

When you roll into Northern Indiana Amish Country, you can’t help but relax and wonder what life is like in its rural fields. Vast farmland envelops the hustling, bustling towns of Elkhart, Nappanee and Goshen, where hardworking Hoosiers reside. The Biblically-named Goshen is where we visited the downtown garage of Janus Motorcycles, which neighbors the city’s first coffeehouse and a uniquely-curated record shop. In the motorcycle realm, Janus is different; a good different. Here’s why…

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Rockers Reunion Indianapolis 2015

Downtown Motorcycles

The ninth year is in the books for Rockers Reunion, and its future is secure as the best vintage motorcycle event in and around the city of Indianapolis. Read on for visual proof that the bike scene is alive and thriving, especially in the show’s new location, historic Fountain Square.

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Celebs on Cycles


We like these glimpses into pop culture and how they illustrate the way motorcycling enhances the facade of celebrity personae.  In photographic archives, throwing a leg over an old British classic or Honda scrambler can be as cool as throwing on a Perfecto leather jacket or rockin’ a pair of Ray-Bans.

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Ride Against the Dying of the Light


No more hemming and hawing. No more worrying or waiting. We borrowed things, pooled our money and did whatever it took. In tears and quiet frustration, we were all thinking the same thing: “Let’s go on a big ride.”

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Zeppo’s Marman Twin Motorcycle


In 1941, Herbert Marx started the Marman Products Company, Inc. in Inglewood, CA. After starring in several Marx Brothers films as Zeppo (the straight man to his zany co-star siblings), his company assembled and marketed a motorcycle with a horizontally-opposed twin engine in 1948 and 1949.

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