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The Wall of Death


“That’s entertainment,” I heard someone say. The crowd cheered, peering down into the Wall of Death, a worn wooden motordrome with nicks and scars. The American Motor Drome Company clearly has this nostalgic stunt show dialed in as “America’s original extreme motorcycle show.”

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Invisible Motorcycles via PhotoShop

Kenny Roberts - Invisible Motorcycle

We marvel at the stance that pro motorcycle riders achieve as they dive into turns or wheelie in celebration. It’s hard to visually separate their ‘pose’ from the overall composition of bike-and-rider, so we removed the motorcycles! See how we’ve used PhotoShop on existing photos to highlight only the riders’ form on invisible motorcycles…

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Dare Devil Alma and the Wall of Death

Dare Devil Alma and Rudy Knight

In the early to mid 1930s, a British gal named Ellen rose to fame as a Wall of Death performer. She was a cashier for Billy Butlin’s amusement park in Skegness when she asked if she could try riding a motorcycle around the new and highly dangerous motordrome. This marked her transformation to “Dare Devil Alma.”

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Vintage Motorcycle Stunters

Boy holds up motorcycle

We’ll watch any kind of motorcycle stunts. The more creative the better. Sure, the wheelies and stoppies are getting more technical and challenging, but even with today’s progression, were intrigued to find these innovative stunts while looking to the past.

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Daredevil Debbie Lawler: The Flying Angel

The Flying Angel Debbie Lawler

“The crowd expects to see a 300-pound tattooed lady with chains hanging down her back. They don’t expect me.” Debbie Lawler was five feet, two inches tall and just over a hundred pounds astride her 2-stroke Suzuki TM250.

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