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Motorcycles Make You Smile

Motorcycle memories have a way of burrowing deep down into your brain’s softest nerve tissue. Often, they resurface in better condition than when they were stored away, replaying in your mind in warmer tones, tighter edits and a finer film grain. Sitting at the office, us Good Spark guys were thinking about how motorcycles make you smile. And we thought about the racers and riders whose passion for bikes was unique enough to make a lasting impression on millions of motorcyclists. This is just a handful of moto-royalty that came to mind, caught in moments that our brains’ nostalgia-centers want to preserve.

Can you name these dudes? If you get stumped, click on the image for a labeled version.

These pics are just a prompt of the deeper history each rider created or is still creating. Hope this stokes your synapses and stirs up some of your own motorcycle memories. Reminiscing on what you love about motorcycling helps you savor your role as a motorcyclist, motorcycle racer or a race spectator. It’s great isn’t it?

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