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Invisible Motorcycles via PhotoShop

Kenny Roberts - Invisible Motorcycle

We marvel at the stance that pro motorcycle riders achieve as they dive into turns or wheelie in celebration. It’s hard to visually separate their ‘pose’ from the overall composition of bike-and-rider, so we removed the motorcycles! See how we’ve used PhotoShop on existing photos to highlight only the riders’ form on invisible motorcycles…

The pic above is King Kenny Roberts, illustrating the all-out athleticism required of motorcycle racers.

Giacomo Agostini Invisible Motorcycle
Giacomo Agostini at ease, sans MV Augusta.
Swiss GP 1950 ArtieBell leads David Whitworth
Artie Bell in attack mode leading David Whitworth at the 1950 Swiss GP.
Valentino Rossi - Invisible Motorcycle - Fun with PhotoShop
Valentino Rossi showing us how low he can go. His mind is already through this corner.
Rollie Free - Invisible Motorcycle - Fun with PhotoShop
Rollie Free and his bathing suit, hovering above where his Vincent Black Shadow would go at Bonneville.
Marc Marquez - Invisible Motorcycle
Marc Marquez tells his bike what to do with this kind of body language.
Hansen and Nixon - Invisible Motorcycle
Dave Hansen and Gary Nixon carving lines with their hot-shoes.
Malcolm Smith 1971 -  Invisible Motorcycle
When he’s not smiling ear to ear, Malcolm Smith is super-focused.
Lega Invisible Motorcycle
Italian racer, Mario Lega, crouches into position and looks through the turn. Mario was a Morbidelli factory rider.
Evel Knievel Invisible Motorcycle
Evel Knievel in wheelie position: This stance would be a fun flying style for a superhero.

This was a fun exercise in quick photo-chopping to reveal the talents and sometimes acrobatic nature of motorcycle racers/stuntguys. Seeing a motorcycle jumping, speeding or leaned over in the turns is fascinating in itself, but it’s the fact that there is a rider working the controls with intensity that keeps us hooked and in awe. Imagine rocketing your body like the guys above at crazy speeds with nothing but a layer of leather between you and the ground! Or, in Rollie’s case, swim trunks and a puddin’ bowl helmet.

See the original, unaltered pics below:

bikes_agomalcom bikes_artierollie bikes_flattrack bikes_legaevel bikes_rossimarquez

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